Sunday, October 4, 2009

Halloween Costume

Well i decided that i was going to make ashlyn halloween costume this year I had a hard time deciding between a ballerina and a bear. well the bear won. I decided that the skirt would look cuter when she can walk and might get in the way when she crawls. I decided to do the pattern below of the lion but I am going to not do the mane and do a bear fur fabric.

I can't waite to see how it turns out. I wasn't going to post a picture of it until i got it finished but I didn't think about buying a zipper and i need to borrow a zipper foot so why not blog about it unitl it is done.

This is the softest fabric ever! Its too bad that it will be on the out side. I think that i am going to buy some more so that i can make a blanket out of it.

I could use the same pattern and make her pj's. That might be my next project.

It is even pink on the inside. they also had a tan color. but i like the pink.

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