Saturday, October 31, 2009

I finished

Happy Halloween

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Halloween Costume

Well i decided that i was going to make ashlyn halloween costume this year I had a hard time deciding between a ballerina and a bear. well the bear won. I decided that the skirt would look cuter when she can walk and might get in the way when she crawls. I decided to do the pattern below of the lion but I am going to not do the mane and do a bear fur fabric.

I can't waite to see how it turns out. I wasn't going to post a picture of it until i got it finished but I didn't think about buying a zipper and i need to borrow a zipper foot so why not blog about it unitl it is done.

This is the softest fabric ever! Its too bad that it will be on the out side. I think that i am going to buy some more so that i can make a blanket out of it.

I could use the same pattern and make her pj's. That might be my next project.

It is even pink on the inside. they also had a tan color. but i like the pink.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Joh Deere

I have a friend that is in love with John deere, and when i saw this fabric i just had to make it for her boy. They had some really cute pink patterns that i wanted to make for a girl as well. I started this blanket for her son that was born in January, but i had a few things to occupy my time since then and i am finally finishing it. She should have it by the end of the week. Since this picture i have put the brown minky on the back and tied it so all i have to do is the binding..... Wish me luck because I have never done it before. This is actually the first quilt that i have made since hight school i was surprise at how much i had forgotten over the years..


So all the girls at work are making pillow cases for their kids and grand kids. I only have one kid and she dosen't have a pillow yet so I mad one for a friend's Daughter that is having a tinkerbell birthday in October. I ended up loving the pilowcase so much that i decided to make a matching blanket to go with it. I can't wait to give it to her. Below is the finished pillow case and almost finished blanket
The pillow case looks alot cuter with a pillow in it!
I think that i am going to add another row to this since I have some extra fabric. And then i am going to put the thick swirly lime green munky on the back. I will post final pictures before I give it away

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Blessing Day Projects

This is my blanket that i made for Ashlyns blessing. I just LOVE this blanket i think that it is the cutest pattern ever. The flowers are the biggest pain in the but to cut out but once you do that it is cake to put together. When I finished it I thought that it might be to small so my next one will be bigger but looking back it might be just the right size for a snuggle blanket. I don't know what it measures the block are something like 7 inches long. I got the idea for this idea from a pattern that my friend gave me that had the same concept but I changed the actual flower pattern and they layout so I am claiming it as my pattern now. I took it in to a quilt shop so that i could get an idea for another quilt and the girls there loved it they wanted me to write up a pattern with instructions so that they could sell it. I thought that that was pritty cool!!

And of course I just had to put a few pictures of Ashlyn with her blanket. I can't beleive that she was ever small enough for it.

And this is the cake that I made for it that nobody ate! But the girls at work were sure excited when I brought them a whole cake to eat!!